Set design for the kids promenade performance.
Every year on Christmas holidays, the Peredelkino House of Creativity hosts the Conference of Fablers, the only time of the year when 800 sq. m building area turns into a fabulous space. This time Peredelkino team came up with adventure journey based on literary works, fairy tales and legends dedicated to the sea and sea creatures, mythical and real. Children and their parents meet the Flying Dutchman, end up in Captain Nemo's cabin, find themselves on a desert island and in the belly of a whale, discover the underwater world and their own Atlantis, and then return from the depths of the sea to the sandy shore and find a treasure there.
When creating the set up for the performance, we were inspired by books about the sea and sea adventures, ancient engravings of sea monsters and seafarers' maps, the tradition of medieval theatrical performances, the times when the most famous and risky sea voyages took place.
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