The concept of light interactive installation was created for the Glow Festival (Eindhoven). In all traditions and beliefs red color, the heart and blood, were supposed as symbols of life. The Heart is a pump for human blood and is considered to be one of the strongest and expressive signs for human perception. The Bitting Heart interactive installation is a polygonal poly-light LED-control construction stretched with ropes inside the scaffolding frame with arteries and veins (inflatable fabric pipes) coming out from the heart down to the panels on the ground that capture pulses of people with sensors built in panels. The sound of heart bit amplifies and transmits around with speakers located around the installation. When a person puts his hand on a panel with a sensor, the Heart flashes and the whole area hears the heartbeat of that person. Each new sound is superimposed on the previous one, so the heart will absorb the sounds of hearts that will form a chorus of beats, resonate with light impulses to each new heartbeat that can also be converted to the sound design, producing
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